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Drawn to the communicative aspect of Contact Improvisation, C.I.N.N. (formally SPIRAL) was founded in 2003 for the promotion of Contact Improvisation by dancers of Kanto area in Japan.
It has been organising CI jams and performances in Tokyo, while also working on numerous projects with contact improvisers from Europe and the Americas.

"Tokyo Contact Improvisation Feastival" was launched in May 2007 with the help of university staffs, teachers, and CI instructors, all who supported the project.
C.I.N.N. has continued to organise this annual feastival ever since, in which it invites two CI instructors from abroad to lead the workshops and present a CI performance. CI performance was integrated to the feastival in 2008.

C.I.N.N. lays weight on carrying and spreading the aspect of egalitarianism, which is presented by the practice of CI, through its programs (sharing and jam having important rolls) and management (instructors attending other instructors' workshops and staffs reviewing the workshop videos together.)

Its name was changed to C.I.N.N. from SPIRAL in July 2011.
C.I.N.N. will continue to work on organising programs which can be participated by all people from all cultures, working closely with educational organisations and local community, and expanding its area of activity to schools and local facilities.